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Boys Republic Profiles1. Onejunn Real Name: Jo Wonjun Birth: November 22, 1988Body: 179cm, 61kg2. DabinReal Name: Choi DabinBorn: March 12, 1992Body: 183cm, 65kgBlood type: B3. Sung Jun Real Name: Park SungJunBirth:1992 december 17Body: 172cm, 55kg Blood type: AB4. MinsuReal Name: Kim MinsooBirth: April 15, 1993Body: 175cm, 55kg Blood type: O5. SuwoongReal Name: Lee SuWoongBorn: January 20, 1995Body, 174cm, 56 kgBlood Type: B
Credit; Universal Music Group

Boys Republic Profiles
1. Onejunn 
Real Name: Jo Wonjun 
Birth: November 22, 1988
Body: 179cm, 61kg

2. Dabin
Real Name: Choi Dabin
Born: March 12, 1992
Body: 183cm, 65kg
Blood type: B

3. Sung Jun 
Real Name: Park SungJun
Birth:1992 december 17
Body: 172cm, 55kg 
Blood type: AB

4. Minsu
Real Name: Kim Minsoo
Birth: April 15, 1993
Body: 175cm, 55kg 
Blood type: O

5. Suwoong
Real Name: Lee SuWoong
Born: January 20, 1995
Body, 174cm, 56 kg
Blood Type: B

Credit; Universal Music Group